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Schutte Bagclosures BV is the partner in the field of all sorts of bag closures. Most production techniques have been developed within their company and their research and development department is always working on the latest developments.

They deliver a very consistent quality. Their people know the market. They listen to their customers and think along with them. Their company is characterized by enthusiasm for research, curiosity and passion.

Schutte have exciting range of bagclosures for bakeries, produce packers and the food industry

Your packaging machine runs smoothly thanks to well manufactured bag closures. Prevent your products from drying out, getting moist, getting stale and decaying with fitting closures that remain in place. Offer your customers a significantly better quality. Use your bag closures to present your products in an attractive and distinctive fashion. Alternatively, you can let your closures carry practical information such as expiration dates or temporary promotions. Delight your customers with a packaging they can easily reseal after opening. If you value your products and want to package them efficiently and effectively, you should select your bag closures with care.

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The OKI Group is a leading global manufacturer of integrated Packaging Automation Systems, specializing in "Single Source Solutions" for a wide array of "End of Line" system applications.

Their portfolio of technology, process optimization, and services help our customers achieve their productivity and business performance goals.

Contact Hans Mentink: 1-877-654-2677 (USA)

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The OKI Sealer Division specializes in continuous heat sealing platforms, offering the most advanced Hot Air Sealers, Band Sealers, Pouch Handling Systems, and Integrated Conveyors for a wide range of demanding “end-use” bag and pouch applications in the worldwide food, staples, and medical device industries.

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Contact Ann Marie Kellett: 1-877-654-2677 (USA)

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