Our packaging is flexible and so are we...

Below you will find a selection of popular packaging types that we specialise in, but the list doesn't end there: We can also offer Shrink Sleeve, Reel Stock, Pillow Packs etc. In fact, if you can name it, we can make it!

We offer laminated packaging in various combinations and thicknesses according to product and shelf life requirements. 

We work to the following standards and accreditation: ISO 9001, ISO 2200, HACCP, BRC, AIB, ISO 14001, UKAS.

Endless design and print features...

We offer holographic printing for security, resealable zipper, tamper proof pour spouts, tear notches and laser cutting; plus peelable films and self venting films.

Specialities include Retort Pouches, Boil in the Bag, Vacuum Bags, Bag in Box, Microwave-able Pouches and Spout Pouches.

Design features include matt films, demetalised to register, matt & gloss to register, and a choice of metallic and pearlised inks.

The secret salesman selling your product...

Modern packaging is an expressive form of the consumer lifestyle, giving character and "personality" to the product inside.

If your product is on the shelf amongst competing products, excellent packaging design might just be the thing needed to gain attention.

The sheer versatility of flexible packaging ensures different products are packaged in the most suitable way for shelf life, transport and distribution.