Based in South Africa, Foster Packaging is an innovative packaging solutions provider. Our team has extensive experience in the world market. We provide dynamic service and leading custom packaging to businesses across the globe, with a strong focus on sustainable and performance packaging.

What sets us a cut above the rest is our versatility. Our skilled and tenacious team competes with the modern market’s fast-paced, ever changing packaging needs. We support our clients through project development, design, manufacturing, and logistics all while educating and training on key areas needed.


Our goal at Foster Packaging is to grow and collaborate with our clients by providing supporting services and expertise throughout the packaging and sustainability space. It’s not only about the end product; but it’s also about forming a partnership to ensure the best outcomes in all situations.

A dedicated sales administrator, who will be a second point of contact for any enquiries and additional support, will keep clients up to date about the production process and important shipping information.

With offices in Cape Town, and Johannesburg, housing a team with extensive experience within the packaging industry, we are well equipped to satisfy your needs.

As an innovation-focused business, we are ready to take on new challenges and projects that may be turned down by others. Flexible packaging solutions that prioritise product protection are available to our clients that go beyond standard market offerings and are a cut above the competition. Whether it’s launching a new product into the market, or breathing life into existing lines, Foster Packaging will get you there.

Foster Packaging fully embraces and supports a sustainable economy. We offer our clients a variety of sustainable packaging solutions that can replace single use plastics and traditional laminates, diverting packaging from landfills and making a better world for future generations.

Our Cape Town office situated in Westlake.
Our Johannesburg office situated in Brentwood Park


Tell Us What You Need

Get in touch with our team and walk us through the packaging needs of your business. Explore the options we offer for your next project!

Collaborate With Us

Dedicated members of our team will collaborate and work closely with you throughout the process, providing additional assistance with artwork, packaging specifications, production, and logistics to truly capture your brand’s essence.

Wait For Your Packaging

We will provide regular updates and contact on any open orders, as well as schedule planning for future needs. For clients interested in exploring new ideas, our team is also available for customised innovation presentations or sustainability training.

Our Partners


Schutte Bagclosures BV is the partner in the field of all sorts of bag closures. Most production techniques have been developed within their company and their research and development department is always working on the latest developments.

They deliver a very consistent quality. Their people know the market. They listen to their customers and think along with them. Their company is characterized by enthusiasm for research, curiosity and passion.

Schutte have exciting range of bagclosures for bakeries, produce packers and the food industry

ok corp

The OKI Group is a leading global manufacturer of integrated Packaging Automation Systems, specializing in “Single Source Solutions” for a wide array of “End of Line” system applications.

Their portfolio of technology, process optimization, and services help our customers achieve their productivity and business performance goals.

The Pouch Shop aims to provide small to medium businesses with professional packaging to give them a competitive boost. Their great quality generic packaging is ready- to-use. Add your brand label and your product is ready for the marketplace.



With over two decades worth of experience in the packaging industry, Foster Packaging brings a wealth of knowledge that serves as a solid foundation for innovation. As our client, you will be hard pressed to find a company that is as competent and dedicated as us.

We Think Globally

Foster Packaging is a South African packaging company with an international client base and key involvement in the packaging industry. We are constantly looking for ways to improve the products and services we provide. With sister sites in Australia and offices in China and Vietnam, the import and export needs of our clients can be met and supported.  We gain a global perspective on market and supply trends from international trade events and conferences in Europe, the United States, and Asia, which we can leverage for client outcomes.

Whatever It Takes

The Foster Packaging team is all about pushing the envelope and reaching new levels with sustainable products and packaging innovations. We prioritise our client relationships in order to add value to their brand and supply chain, while also providing insight into sustainability legislation in various global areas and assisting clients in meeting targets.

Let us help you elevate your brand through our flexible packaging solutions.