Another Successful Clean Up

September 20, 2023
Another successful clean up for Foster International Packaging!

On the 9th of September 2023, our JHB team joined Boksburg Community Project in cleaning up the corner of Atlas Road and Finch. The intersection was filled with litter, the grass was overgrown, and the pavements were faded. We assisted by picking up litter and by painting. It was truly disheartening to see just how neglected the area had become, however it was fantastic to see how many people within the Boksburg community came together to support this clean-up effort. It was great to see community members joining the clean-up and taking matters into their own hands.

With our company being focused on sustainability and providing sustainable packaging solutions to divert waste from landfills, by participating in this clean up, this not only reflects our commitment to sustainability but also sets an example for positive change in our community.

We look forward to joining more clean ups within the Boksburg and the Benoni community in future!