Close The Loop’s acquisition of Alliance Paper, awarded gold at PIDA and recycles 50 million cartridges:

July 27, 2022
Close The Loop Group
Close the Loop Limited, a leading market participant in sustainability and the circular economy, have recently announced their acquisition of Alliance Paper, who are a major supplier of thermal paper and related goods in the Australian market.
Alliance provides thermal receipt rolls and related items to the leading supermarkets in the country, in addition to major brands, including McDonald’s, KFC and Nike. Alliance’s BPA and phenol-free paper rolls are recyclable. The acquisition will be advantageous to Close The Loop, as it will allow the company to be in a better place to develop more innovative products, which can become a sustainable and feasible substitute for traditional plastic- dominated packaging. In addition to the acquisition, Close The Loop have recently been awarded gold in the Sustainability Packaging Design of the Year under the reuse/resell category the 2022 Packing Innovation and Design Awards (PIDA), and have recently reached their desired milestone of recycling 50 million printer cartridges under the Cartridges 4 Planet Ark drive. Close The Loop are also currently conducting a trial of the National Cosmetics Collection Scheme regarding new methods of recycling cosmetics with the goal of cutting down thousands of tonnes of packaging, which ends up in landfills across Australia.
Group Chief Executive Officer Joe Foster said:

“Close the Loop prides itself on being a leader in innovative solutions for the circular economy and the achievements made over the last months is a testament to this vision and the hard work of our team. In collaboration with Myer and with guidance from peak industry body, Accord, we have launched a cosmetics recycling trial that will see more cosmetics packaging out of landfill and instead recycled into TonerPlas® and Reisin8 to create everyday essentials such as roads and building materials. “

“In addition, we have taken home the gold for Sustainable Packaging Design of The Year – Reuse/Refill at the PIDA 2022 awards. By constantly researching innovative ways plastics can be reused and recycled, this led us to the creation of a Kerbside Recyclable Spout Pouch Refill Pack for our client Koh that can be recycled through kerbside collections and plays a large role in our Company becoming a global leader in innovative solutions for the circular economy.”
“Lastly, we have reached a 50 million milestone of printer cartridges recycled through our popular Cartridges 4 Planet Ark program since its inception in 2003. Keeping items such as these out of landfill and instead, recycling them into hundreds of new products that people use every day is at the core of our operations.”

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