Creative Coffee Week 2023

September 19, 2023
We were thrilled to have been a sponsor, as well as to have attended Creative Coffee Week 2023, hosted by The Coffee Magazine, from the 26 July – 28 July.
The event was focused on innovation in coffee, as well as ways to improve coffee businesses. With representatives from both Foster Packaging and The Pouch Shop attending the event, we were excited to showcase our flexible packaging solutions, as packaging plays an integral role in the coffee business.
Packaging is not only a representative of the brand’s identity, but it also plays an important role in maintaining the specific flavours of the coffee, as well as preserving the freshness. Packaging serves as a protective barrier, preventing the coffee from contamination, which could alter the taste and quality of the coffee. Packaging also allows coffee companies to provide essential information to consumers, such as origin, roast level, brewing recommendations, certifications etc. Packaging plays a crucial role in coffee for many reasons, it is therefore essential to choose the correct coffee packaging.
We were also eager to showcase our sustainable packaging alternatives, which sparked quite some interest amongst visitors.
Close The Loop Group Ceo, Joe Foster provided an interesting presentation focused on the importance of packaging in coffee, the functions of packaging, as well as a discussion on sustainable coffee packaging alternatives. The presentation sparked engagement with the audience, resulting in inquiries and questions being raised.
It was a successful event, and we look forward to attending again in future.