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Foster Packaging is well-known and trusted in South Africa for the design, quality, durability, and versatility of our retail and food packaging solutions. As the packaging industry evolves to meet market demands, we innovate to provide customisable packaging that maintains the premium quality of your products.

A great packaging partner not only provides solutions that meet the needs of your product, but also addresses industry-wide issues. Sustainable packaging has been at the forefront of our brand’s efforts to provide solutions that are not only high-quality and feature-rich, but also environmentally conscious.

Are you looking for a great way to ensure that your coffee/tea bags stand out? Have a look at what we at Foster International Packaging have to offer. There are many reasons why you should choose us as your number 1 packaging provider. These reasons include keeping your product fresh, protecting your product against human factors, creating a good impression, boosting product sales, and improving customer experience. From promoting your brand in the market to bringing your tea and coffee bag packaging ideas to life, we’ve got you covered! Foster Packaging offers flexible solutions to enhance your product’s marketability and quality. Our tea and coffee packaging designs include Flat Bottom Pouches, Quad Seal Pouches, and Stand Up Pouches.


Seafood & Fish

In order to maintain the distinct taste of seafood, utilizing the correct type of packaging is crucial to ensure that the product remains fresh and of quality. This is where flexible packaging comes into the picture and thankfully, we at Foster Packaging can help. Our packaging is highly customisable according to the customer’s specifications, is durable, and is functional to ensure high quality. With the ability to be manufactured with resealable zippers and easy-to-open tear notches, the packaging will ensure that the seafood is kept fresh and consumer safe.

A pet owner’s top choice in pet food is influenced by the appeal of the packaging. At Foster International Packaging, we ensure that we provide quality custom packaging for pet foods with high-end artwork which provides legible prints of information that pet owners rely on when purchasing for their pets. Furthermore, our packaging materials include quality components and barrier properties that will prolong the freshness of the product for a longer period of time.


Cereals & Grains

At Foster International Packaging, we offer a variety of packaging options for cereals and grains. With the ability to customise our packaging to fit and protect each product in each pouch perfectly, this preserves the kind of products that your brand is known for. The use of flexible packaging for cereals and grains is steadily growing due to its versatility. Our flexible packaging is both customisable and can be manufactured with resealable zippers to maintain the freshness of the cereal / grains even once opened.


Garden & Home

Increase your market share in the horticulture industry with our premium packaging line. Gardening products have unique properties that necessitate the use of special features, barriers, and films to preserve and protect active ingredients. Flexible packaging and reel stock are the best options to meet these needs. At Foster International Packaging, we ensure that we provide our customers with top-of-the-line flexible packaging for a number of garden products and supplies.

Create a competitive edge with custom confectionery packaging by combining your brand’s design with our flexible packaging. Our packaging is highly customisable to safely fit chocolates, snacks, and any type of confectionary product.

Soap, detergents, and other liquid products are important as we use these products daily. Therefore, it is equally significant to choose the right liquid packaging. Liquid packaging should not only look good, but it should also protect the product and maintain its quality. Here at Foster International Packaging, we provide our customers with liquid packaging that is both functional and of high quality. When it comes to liquid products, spout pouches are our recommended packaging option. With re-closable caps, which allows for convenient use by consumers at home, this special feature prevents liquid spills and limits product waste, making spout pouches the ideal choice of packaging. In addition to being more affordable than traditional packaging, spout pouches can also be made from recyclable materials, making them more environmentally friendly.

One of the factors that has the ability to influence the taste of soups, sauces, and other ready-to-eat products, is the packaging being used. The packaging used can either make or break the taste of the product, therefore it is imperative to choose the correct packaging. Fortunately, we are able to provide our customers will high quality packaging that will preserve the freshness of the product, maintain its taste, and ensure that the product remains safe for consumers. Retort packaging is most commonly used for soups, sauces, and some ready-to-eat food products. It is basically high-temperature cooking oven packaging. The use of retort pouches allows the product to remain shelf-stable for an extended period of time (2+ years), without refrigeration. Pouches are a more convenient option over tin cans, as they are customisable, lighter in weight, and are made of film layers that protect products from oxygen, moisture, light, and even punctures

Top-notch meat packaging solutions are crucial for any butcher shop. Whether you are packing poultry or meat, you cannot skip the proper storage process. Packaging meat with quality materials ensures a longer shelf life. Navigating the industry of meat and poultry packaging suppliers can be intimidating for new brands. There are a multitude of designs and customisations to consider. Fortunately, we at Foster Packaging can help. We highly recommend our guide on packaging beef and poultry. Learn how quality vacuum packaging bags can keep meat fresh and juicy. Over the years, we have continued to improve our packaging technology for poultry and meat. Meat packaging needs to be puncture-resistant due to the bones included in some meat cuts. Vacuum sealing is also vital to maintain freshness. Some of our practical meat and poultry packaging solutions include; ease and convenience, product protection, and resealability.

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