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Packaging liquid products is more difficult than packaging dry products. Contamination, leakage, and transportation must all be carefully considered. Great packaging design and high-quality materials can reduce these risks and issues.
Foster Packaging is a leading packaging supplier in South Africa. Our team has the needed expertise and equipment to ensure your product’s quality. We provide customised flexible solutions for any and all liquid products you want to package.

Liquid Pouch Packaging Suppliers - South Africa

Foster Packaging offers flexible solutions to enhance your product’s marketability and quality. Our tea and coffee packaging designs include:

Spout pouches are an excellent way to package liquids such as smoothies and sauces. They are lighter and more compact than their glass alternatives. The spout is tamper proof, assuring safety while also offering a non-messy way to drink.

Stand up pouches are perfect cost-effective alternatives for consumers who only need a small amount of liquid product.

Foster Packaging stand up pouches are some of the best available, thanks to features like simple tear notches and resealable closures. Additionally, printing on every side is an option, maximizing the packaging’s branding space.

Sometimes a unique format can make all the difference in garnering consumer attention. Our shaped pouches can accommodate a wide range of liquid products and can be applied to our stand-up pouches, 3-side seal bags, and spout pouches.

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Tell Us What You Need

Telling us the story behind your product and brand is vital in the design process so we can create packaging solutions that will meet all of your requirements.

Collaborate With Us

We will work closely with you to ensure that your packaging captures the brand’s essence. Your design ideas are more than welcome and will give us a better understanding of how you want to present them to your customers.

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All that’s left now is to wait for our team to finish manufacturing your packaging, then we’ll ship them to you ASAP!

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Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, all of Foster Packaging’s solutions are made from food-grade materials that preserve the freshness of your products. We tell our clients that the material can preserve their liquid food product from external elements regardless of its viscosity.

Flexible packaging is defined as any package whose shape may be easily changed as it is filled or used. Bags, pouches, and shrink films are examples of these. They have been popular in recent years since they are easier to fill and transport than a box or other traditional options.

These are the most important factors for our team when packing liquid products:

  • Leaks: Because liquid materials are more volatile, they are more prone to leaking. Materials must be strong enough to avoid spillage caused by outside forces.
  • Heat: Liquid food products spoil more quickly in warmer temperatures. To prevent this, packaging materials must be covered with barrier films that protect against heat and humidity.

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