Ready to Eat Meal Packaging

The packaging industry has been scrambling to provide ready to eat meal packaging solutions as more and more consumers live on-the-go lifestyles.
Whether you need packaging for fresh food items that are directly delivered to consumers or frozen food products displayed on freezer shelves, our team will deliver high quality solutions.

Custom and Versatile Solutions by Foster International

We continue to innovate and apply the latest technology in the industry to provide our clients with solutions that truly match the needs of both their brand and product. Here are some of the best formats for precooked and ready-to-eat meals that we recommend:

Yogurts and smoothies are popular on-the-go meals since they are easy to consume and provide many nutrients. Foster’s spout pouch is ideal for these nutritious liquid meals.

It is a lightweight and spill-proof alternative to traditional glass bottles or jars. You can customise it by utilising high-quality prints and adding useful features such as our resealable and tamper-proof spout.

Because of their versatile and customisable format and design, our stand up pouches are a popular choice for packaging numerous products, including ready-to-eat meals.

It is manufactured using high-barrier materials that protect food products from external forces that could significantly impact shelf life. To further improve the consumer experience, features such as easy tear notches and resealable enclosures can be added.

Another popular way to package a ready to eat meal is with the use of kraft bags. Being made from brown paper, these pouches are perfect for products like coffee, tea, or organic snacks.

Foster’s kraft bags can be customised to match specific product needs and have branding printed on all sides. They can also include unique characteristics such as a resealable zipper, spouts, and windows..

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Frequently Asked Questions

Food safety and convenience are the biggest factors to consider in food packaging. The container needs to be made from food-grade materials with high barrier properties to ensure no contamination happens during shipment and handling. 

Convenience is also vital in the design process because the entire point of a ready-to-eat meal is to save consumers from having to go through a long cooking process. Containers that are resealable and microwaveable help to ensure customer satisfaction.

Most of the time, modified atmosphere packaging (MAP) is used to keep food fresh by limiting the amount of oxygen it is exposed to. Oxidation can cause fresh foods to change colour, go bad, and change taste and texture.

The major concern people had with ready-to-eat meals was the nutritional content and how it was cooked using thermal processing. In its early stages, those meals were high in energy content, but often had low fiber, vegetable, and micronutrient content. 

Since then, the industry has changed dramatically, and now ready-to-eat meals offer the same nutrition, diversity, and quality as home-cooked meals.

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With our wide range of packaging formats for your ready-to-eat meals, you will surely find one that meets all your specific requirements.

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