Bulk Bags

Bulk Bags

Bulk bags, or Flexible Intermediate Bulk Containers (FIBCs), are polypropylene bags with exceptional durability and capacity. These plastic bags are designed to withstand heavy loads, tearing, and weathering so your products are protected during transport and storage.
Foster Packaging is the go-to packaging supplier for businesses in South Africa.  We work hard to provide our partners with custom packaging to fit their needs. Whether you need custom bulk bags based on your specific requirements or standard 1-ton bags for sale, we can provide them for you.

Key features

We understand that different products require different bulk bags, therefore we are able to tailor our bulk bags to best suit the client’s product and branding requirements.

Type A, B, C, D Bulk Bags

500kg - 2000kg

Bag Liners Available

Extra durable and heavy-duty for storing and transporting bulky products

Customisable to suit your product’s requirements such as lifting loops and various filling and discharge options, as well as to suit your branding requirements (printing available)

User-friendly design with UV protection and heat-sealing capabilities

Cost-efficient and helps reduce storage and transportation costs

Bags supplied are recyclable

Filling & Discharge Options

Open Top/ Closed Bottom

Flat Top / Closed Bottom

Duffel Top/ Closed Bottom

Spout Top / Closed Bottom

Open Top / Spout Bottom

Flat Top / Spout Bottom

Duffel Top / Spout Bottom

Spout Top / Spout Bottom

Why choose bulk bags?

Bulk bags offer a versatile and durable packaging solution for businesses in the agriculture, construction, chemicals, food, pharmaceuticals, and mining sectors. They can easily withstand the rigours of transporting and storing large quantities of materials, such as feeds, grains, fertilisers, and soil. 

They are cost-effective because they are reusable, can fold flat, and take up minimal space, eliminating the need for bulky pallets. Additionally, their large capacity reduces the need to buy multiple smaller containers. These make bulk bags a practical and efficient choice for various packaging needs.

What do you need to get started?

Tell Us What You Need

Telling us the story behind your product and brand is vital in the design process so we can create packaging solutions that will meet all of your requirements.

Collaborate With Us

We will work closely with you to ensure that your packaging captures the brand’s essence. Your ideas are more than welcome and will give us a better understanding of how you want to present them to your customers.

Wait for Your Packaging

All that’s left now is to wait for our team to finish manufacturing your packaging, then we’ll ship them to you ASAP!

Frequently asked questions

Yes, our bulk bags or FIBCs can be manufactured to meet food-grade standards, ensuring they are safe for packaging and transporting food products. We can even add coated liners to provide additional protection and prevent contamination.

Absolutely! From the label to the size, you can talk to our packaging experts to discuss your requirements. You can also add features such as lifting loops, various filling and discharge options, and printed labels for branding or product information.

The minimum order quantity for bulk bags can vary depending on your specific requirements and customisation options. Please contact Foster Packaging directly to discuss your needs and get detailed information on order quantities.
Foster Packaging has more than 25 years of experience in the packaging industry, making us more than capable of handling your bulk packaging needs. Our woven polypropylene bags are designed to withstand heavy loads and harsh conditions. We provide customisable options to suit various industries, including agriculture, construction, and chemicals. Our commitment to quality, sustainability, and customer satisfaction makes us a reliable choice for your bulk packaging needs.
Successful brands we’ve partnered with​
01 Ina Parmaan_s
Successful brands we’ve partnered with​
"We have been working with Foster Packaging for almost fifteen years. Their main attributes have been quality and service. When there are issues, Foster Packaging is more than willing to resolve them as soon as possible. We would recommend them as a supplier. In fact, we have turned so many other suppliers away over the years due to the service we receive from Foster."

Ina Paarman’s Kitchen

Lucius Petersen – Procurement Manager

Successful brands we’ve partnered with​
02 Nature_s Choice
Successful brands we’ve partnered with​
"Foster Packaging is a truly professional and supportive business, always willing to assist and give input into existing business opportunities and new developments. Execution is quick, and they are ALWAYS reliable. Thank you, Foster!"

Nature’s Choice​

Ruan Coetzee – Supply Chain Director​

Successful brands we’ve partnered with​
04 Darling Olives
Successful brands we’ve partnered with​
"We as a company have been using Foster Packaging for the last couple of years and always received a high level of customer service, quality packaging, and on-time delivery! I would fully recommend this very well-established, attentive, and professional company."

Darling Olives (Pty) Ltd

Nicole Koen – Production Manager

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Packaging you may like

If your product is on the shelf amongst competing products, excellent packaging design might just be the thing needed to gain attention. Here are other options you might like.

The flat bottom pouches combine the best features of a quad seal bag and a stand up pouch; offering strength, durability, and the ability to print on all four sides.
Retort pouches are a great alternative to traditional canning methods. This packaging bag is perfect for ready-to-eat foods, sauces, and wet pet foods.
Ideal for ready-to-drink or eat liquids and sauces, spout pouches feature a tamper-proof and reclosable pour spout.

Create unique packaging for your products with Foster International Packaging

Attract more customers to your brand by choosing packaging that is customisable, versatile, and made of high quality materials. Contact us now for the best options for your company.